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Chicago Mover >> Moving Articles>>Piano moving- methods and moving cost

Piano moving- methods and moving cost

When you are moving out of the country and wish to move your grand piano, it is sure to have nightmares on how the piano would be shipped to the new destination. The process can be made tension free with proper planning and a reliable piano mover would make the task simple and easy. You need to begin the process of moving your grand piano by finding a Chicago mover that specializes on piano moving. Professional help is necessary in this process since moving a piano is not exactly a simple thing.

Piano is a bulky and heavy instrument which makes it really tough to carry. A grand piano can weigh from 650 pounds to 1300 pounds. Piano moving requires a skilled hand due to its large size unlike the household items. Moving and shipping the piano without causing any damage is the crucial thing during the process. This is the reason why you need to hire a reputed Chicago mover who would handle the equipment with utmost care.

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People give utmost concern for their pianos since they are generally a priced possession which can range from few hundred dollars to half a million dollars. Moreover there would be some emotional attachment over the piano. While you are shipping your grand piano, make sure that the moving company would pick and drop the equipment at home. If the piano is moving by sea, you need to get the details of the ship journey. Usually the piano movers pack the instrument in air tight boxes. Also you need to be aware of the laws and regulations if the piano is moved to another country. The cost of the moving would be decided on the size and distance of shipping. Some movers would charge on hourly basis and this should be confirmed before signing the contract.

Usually the shipping cost of grand piano depend s upon the make, age, weight and type and also the distance of shipping. There are other variables in shipping cost like the difficulty involved in moving the piano. The charge of picking the piano from ground floor would be different from the charge of taking it from the top floor. The moving company employs experts in handling the piano and the number of people and kind of resource used to move it would affect the shipping cost. Sometimes the moving cost would also be influenced by the season as the equipment needs more care during high temperatures and humidity.


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